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Get Bored

Snow, snow, snow....! (and the last week or so)

Posted on 2010.01.13 at 19:12
Location, location, location...: My sofa
Feeling...: accomplishedaccomplished
Hearing...: Hollyoaks
Well, as many of you may have noticed, it started snowing last week. My car was buried in snow and my road wasn't cleared or gritted so I found myself working from home Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It was mostly quite productive!

The weekend was mostly spent in the house, I did have a bit of a potter out to try and find some wellies, but the closest I could find in Headington were some boots that were kinda welly-esque. So I now have those and can at least walk without fear of death. We much prefer this method of walking!

On Sunday afternoon, as it hadn't snowed much for a while and my road - although still covered in compacted snow - had reached a stage where it could be carefully driven on, I cleared the snow from Alice (my car - Alice the Yaris) and happened to glance at my tax disc. It expired 30-12-09. This surprised me as I hadn't received a renewal form and she had been taxed the day I collected her which was the end of January, so I was expecting it to expire at the end of this January. So I figured I'd run to the post office the next day and sort it out. That evening when I got my documents out, I noticed my MOT was also about to expire. Panic attack ensued....

So Monday morning, I called my boss to get the morning off and took myself to the garage and they did the MOT while I waited (about two hours and I'd forgotten to take a book, but still). When I got back in my car again, I noticed that the little chip I'd had in the corner of my windscreen had cracked - the garage must have heated her up to fast (I'd only cleared enough snow for me to be able to see) - which grew a fair old bit on the drives to and from work. A little alarming, but Autoglass are fixing it on Friday and I've been assured that it's all properly coated and sealed and won't shatter in the meantime.

Yesterday I managed to get to work, go to my class at the gym and get home safely (although the crack in my windscreen has stretched across right in front of my face - it's like she's done it on purpose to cause maximum annoyance. I am so very proud of her! *wipes tear*) where I found my tax disc renewal form from the DVLA, telling me it expires at the end of January. I'm gonna have to ring them, aren't I...? *sighs*

Which brings us to today (sorry for the unnecessarily long post). I had a meeting in Canterbury today so I took myself off to the train station bright and early this morning, despite the weather in Oxford having turned really bad again (Alice is, once again, buried). My train was at 9am, and it was looking like I wasn't going to make it, however, that one was cancelled. I made it in time for the next one, but only one of my colleagues had made it. Neither of us had the mobile number for the other member of the group who hadn't arrived and with the weather worsening, we were in two minds regarding what to do. When the last train that would get us there on time was about to leave, we decided to just get on it to see how far we got.

Literally a minute after it had pulled away, my phone rang. It was my boss saying that if there were likely to be transport problems (cancelled trains etc) that we should stay home. That was shortly followed by a call from my absent colleague to say she'd had so many problems trying to get into town that she'd given up. So we decided to get off the train at the next stop and get the next one home. So my total achievement today has been going to Reading station. I did get to rock the whole suit and Welly-esque boots combo. I looked just great, as I'm sure you can imagine.

So, to sum up:

Total number of days in the office this year: 3.5

Total number of car emergencies this year: 3

Well done, me. Laters! x

Get Bored

Happy New Year, kidlets! :)

Posted on 2010.01.04 at 17:51
Location, location, location...: Away with the fairies. Mwah ha.
Feeling...: calmCalm. Ish.
Well, with the help of two Grande Chai Tea Lattes (loving that you can now get Starbucks coffee on Milton Park) I managed to survive my first day back in the office. I would still ideally like to spend tomorrow hiding under my duvet, but appreciate that asking my employers to pay me to stay in bed isn't overly reasonable. (Feel free to insert your own hooker joke - was going to do it myself, but there were just too many to choose from).

So far 2010 is going quite well, I think. I appreciate that it is early days and there's plenty of time for it to go pear shaped yet, but still! Mildly terrified that I'm going to crash my car again, to be honest.....

Christmas was good, did lots of stuff - for (probably very dull) photos of said stuff wot I did, please click here. I managed to survive a whole 10 nights under the same roof as my mother - mum also survived them, it's a Christmas miracle! Ah, the complicated mother/daughter relationship. I love her lots again now that 200m distance is safely in place. I also saw a fair old bit of the ever beauteous cornishmaid and had a cream tea on Christmas eve with the lovely Z. It rocked.

New Years also rocked a fair old bit, but will discuss that at a later date as I am in dire need of a cuppa and I've probably bored you all (both) enough. :)

Big hugs and suggestive glances.



December again - what happened to the year?!

Posted on 2009.12.07 at 20:46
Location, location, location...: My livingroom
Feeling...: tiredtired
Hearing...: Ghost Whisperer
Hey, it's been a while since my last post, so thought should write summit. Ok, ok, I'm supposed to be Christmas shopping and I'm procrastinating. It's only fair, it should - by rights - only be August at the moment. August 2008. Not December 2009. I should also be tidying up my room cos it is a bit of a tip....

Lets see, what's been happening?

In general not a lot. I'm kind of coasting along, not much happening, not much changing. Same job, same house, same telly schedule. Lol.

I just had a very lovely weekend. Went up to Birmingham on Saturday to go to the Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt which was fab, involved drinking some very nice Glühwein, eating some very nice food and then going to see The Nutcracker at the Hippodrome. The ballet was SO pretty - loved it. Then on Sunday, myself and housemate S got a bit carried away with the decorations and now our house looks like somebody sneezed Christmas all over it! It's really fab.

Looking forward to Christmas, my last day in the office is next Wednesday (16th) then am going home on next Saturday (19th). Should be good. Got four Christmas parties before I leave, so it should all go by in a nice fuzzy alcoholic haze. Got a few projects coming to an end at work which I should get sorted by time I go.

Right, think that's about it, really. Final point would be that I'm watching Ghost Whisperer (yes, I know) and that girl is far too pretty!

Bless This Chick

It's the weekend and I'm very pleased.

Posted on 2009.10.16 at 22:10
Feeling...: tiredtired
Hello, it's the weekend. This week seems to have been really long for one reason or another and I'm delighted it's over. I'm wondering how sad it is that it's ten past ten on a Friday night and instead of being out partying it up, I'm sitting at home contemplating going to bed. Even more disturbing, I'm actually quite happy about this. Think I must be getting old. I'm poised to tuck into an Onken Biopot, which is causing far more joy than perhaps it should.

I don't really have anything to report, the last week has been all about the work. Work's been quite bitty, it seems like every email I've received has resulted in my having to do huge amounts of organising and sorting and asking people about things and asking people for things and chasing people about or for the things they haven't responded to me about. I did do some stuff on my own journal this evening, though, which was fairly productive and made me feel a bit better. :)

Other than that, um, I've watched telly, but that's quite dull. I've also done some room tidying/cleaning, but that's also dull. I had some further monitor issues, which resulted in me running around my room with cables without much of a clue of what to do with them. That was fun. Ish.

Went out for lunch with my team today to a local pub (you'll all no doubt be surprised to hear that I was very well behaved and just had an orange & lemonade) which was nice. I ordered a brie and mango baguette and was very distressed to find that they'd buttered it using mayonnaise. I really, really hate mayonnaise. And I couldn't really ignore it as both the brie and mango were fairly subtly flavoured and it was therefore all I could taste. Having been brought up not to waste food, I did eat it, but I did not enjoy and there may have been some whining to my poor unsuspecting colleagues. The whole thing was very upsetting and I found myself with no choice but to invest in a grande chai tea latte when I got back to the office. Very excited that we can now buy Starbucks on Milton Park, this has made me very happy.

Right, well that's possibly the most long winded and frankly boring post I've done in a long time, so sorry about that. I think I'm going to go back to plan a and go to bed. The Biopot was awesome, in case you were wondering.

Big hugs! xxx

Finding Sita


Posted on 2009.10.13 at 18:02
Feeling...: coldcold
Hearing...: Is It Cos I'm Cool? (probably not)
Hello, I don't really have much to update with. Some family stuff been going on, but all seems to be sorted out now *grabs table and yells "touch wood" fairly loudly*.

I've been with my current employer for a whole year today. Doesn't seem that long at all. On the other hand it feels like I've been there forever! I feel like I should buy some more random crap to put on my desk to mark the occasion; perhaps that's something I can do with my weekend!

I made my last entry here just before I went to Berlin. Berlin was good. I still can't speak German, though! I had lessons which I paid money I didn't really have at the time for and didn't get anywhere near as much out of as I'd hoped to. Normally I would put this down to me being a little on the slow side, however two of the class (there were only four of us) were not native English speakers who now live and work over here, so they were clearly capable of learning another language and they were struggling with it. The teacher was just awful. He was all about the grammar and liked the sound of his own voice far too much. So basically I can construct a sentence, but have no vocab so can't actually put any words in said sentence. It may just be me, but I feel this kinda defeats the object! I was so disappointed, I was really looking forward to being able to speak another language, even if only a little bit. I will obviously persevere with it, but I am pretty much going to have to start again from scratch when I can afford to again.

I had a very good (and extremely drunken) weekend. I was still drunk from Fri night when I went to the hairdressers on Sat morning, which was an interesting experience, but I am quite happy with the results. My fringe is refusing point blank to play ball today, but other than that....! Went out for dinner with the ever beauteous pub_girl on Saturday night. Food was really good. Cocktails were a little too good. Felt very shaky on Sunday!

Er, what else? Think that's about it really. Don't think I have anything else to report/rant about here. Other than that I over did it in yoga last night and everything hurts today. In fact, think I may go and lay down on the sofa....

Suggestive glances to you all - byeeeee! x

Get Bored

Evenin, kiddliwinks.

Posted on 2009.09.04 at 22:39
Feeling...: annoyedpissed off with this monitor!
Hearing...: Adele - 19
Hello, it's been a little while since my last post. This might be a little incoherent as my monitor has decided to switch itself off every few seconds and I got bored with turning it back on again so am typing blind! Truly a test of my secretarial skills, am sure you'll agree...

I've just got back from a conference in Northern Ireland, where I'd never been before. Spent the whole of Wednesday travelling out there, manned our stand on Thursday, then spent the whole of today travelling back. Standstead airport is a real biatch to get to from Oxford - I really don't recommend it! Said conference did involve some very nice free meals, last nights being at a hotel on the Causeway coast with some pretty impressive views. Got there just as the sun was setting as well, so was fab.

Er, what else? I'm off to Berlin at midnight Sun/Mon (not flying from Stanstead, I hasten to add!) to see H for a few days which will be nice. See if any of the German lessons have managed to penetrate my thick skull! I'm honestly not holding out much hope...

In other news, I'm now editorial assistant on two of my journals, which means I have very little free time for doing my usual job on my other journals. Boss St has now returned to work, though, so that should ease the work load a bit. Hopefully she's on the mend, although she only came back yesterday so I haven't actually spoken to her properly yet!

Am sure there's been lots more going on, but can't actually think f anything off the top of my head. Guess I could make summit up? Am starting to wonder if I'm getting boring again...

Anyhoo, am throwing you all suggestive glances, you thexy thangs! xxx

Get Bored

My To-Do List for Being 26 - UPDATE!

Posted on 2009.08.06 at 11:49
Location, location, location...: Parent's house - my old room
Feeling...: calmcalm
Hearing...: Lantern FM - I refuse to call it Heart, sorry....
Hey kids, six months ago, I put together a list of stuff to do this year and said I'd do an update in six months. As it has been six months, here is an update. :)

1) Go to at least two countries.
Well, so far I've been to The Netherlands and Germany, I'm going to France next month (admittedly for work, but still!) and will be heading straight over to Germany again for a few days. Am also planning on heading off somewhere early next year with my lovely cousin, so I think this one's pretty much done!

2) Attend gym regularly.
Ok, well I am at least going to a class most weeks. I'm not getting there as often as I'd like, I think the term "regularly" would probably have to be taken with a pinch of salt at the moment, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to start going a bit more often soon.

3) Learn German.
Now this one I am very excited about. I have signed up to a beginners class, went to the first week, missed the second as I had to go up north and didn't make it back in time and last week was cancelled. So I've only actually been to one so far. However, I am driving back to Oxford this afternoon, going to class, then heading back to Devon again (yes, that's around 7hrs driving in order to make said class - dedication, I think you'll find!) and I'm hoping that I'll be able to say a bit more next time I go to Berlin!

4) Get to next pay bracket at work.
I've not really got anything to report on this one. I've been so busy recently that I haven't been able to have a proper chat with my boss regarding it. I think that I'm now doing everything I need to be in order to qualify for this. So fingers crossed!

5) Start playing the Clarinet again.
Not been doing so well on this one. *coughs*

6) Have a decent Birthday!
I did have a decent Birthday, thanks to all the lovely people who came out to witness me falling asleep on the table at around 11pm.

7) Read more. I don't read anywhere near enough these days.
I have been doing. Just finished the book I was reading, so not actually reading anything right now, but will be picking something up when I'm back home next week!

8) Try and keep room a bit tidier.
No comment.

9) Put some cash into savings.
This one would be so much easier if stuff didn't keep happening to force me to spend my excess cash! For example, I've spent around £200 on petrol alone this month....


The last month

Posted on 2009.07.27 at 22:26
Feeling...: tiredtired
Those of you who follow my LJ (I think there may be two of you) will notice that I haven't posted for the last month. This is largely due to the fact that a lot of terrible things have been happening to the people in my life whom I care about and it's all been horribly sad. I therefore haven't really wanted to dwell on it here.

I do have some good news, though: my lovely friend cornishmaid is getting married in a week and a half! I am so very excited for her and can't wait for her big day. Her hen night was a month ago and was just fab. :)

Work's going ok - very busy at the min cos virtually everybody in my team is away.

Lovelife's still uneventful as ever.

Think that's about it, really. I've just noticed the time and I should probably climb the wooden hill to Bedfordshire (as my mum would say).

Big hugs to you all and sorry for the slightly odd post!


Get Bored

Ooh, science.

Posted on 2009.06.20 at 12:03
Feeling...: cheerfulcheerful
I've just enabled the facebook thingy so posting this to see if it works!

Most people would wait until they had something to say in this situation and I really don't (other than that my old school Nokia charger is hiding and it's very annoying as I want to charge my old phone) however I shall persevere in the name of science.

Get Bored

Wow, just realised I haven't updated since May Day!

Posted on 2009.06.20 at 10:43
Feeling...: excitedexcited
Well, Berlin was awesome. For those of you who are interested, there is a full account of my adventures on Facebook - check out the photo album with informative captions. I've booked a place on a German course which starts in a few weeks which I'm looking forward to - hopefully I'll be able to communicate a bit better next time I'm there. Cousin H's mates were really sweet when we went out on my last night, they spent lots of time speaking English for me, which was really lovely of them considering we were in a club. Can't imagine too many guys over here bothering to do that...

Work's been a bit manic lately, I'm administrating a journal at the min which is taking up a large percentage of my time which I should be spending on other things, but hey, it is starting to ease off a bit now.

I'm off on the very beautiful cornishmaid's hen weekend next week. My costume arrived this morning. We're dressing up 70s style and I've bought a dress with an obscenely short skirt. It's awesome! Just need a pair of white boots to go with it now - I have my eye on a couple of pairs so should have that resolved by the end of the day. I'm so very excited.

Am sure lots of other stuff has occurred since my last post, but as I can't recall anything massively news-worthy, I shall leave it there for now. :)

Big hugs and suggestive glances to you all. xxx

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