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My To-Do List for Being 26 - UPDATE!

Posted on 2009.08.06 at 11:49
Location, location, location...: Parent's house - my old room
Feeling...: calmcalm
Hearing...: Lantern FM - I refuse to call it Heart, sorry....
Hey kids, six months ago, I put together a list of stuff to do this year and said I'd do an update in six months. As it has been six months, here is an update. :)

1) Go to at least two countries.
Well, so far I've been to The Netherlands and Germany, I'm going to France next month (admittedly for work, but still!) and will be heading straight over to Germany again for a few days. Am also planning on heading off somewhere early next year with my lovely cousin, so I think this one's pretty much done!

2) Attend gym regularly.
Ok, well I am at least going to a class most weeks. I'm not getting there as often as I'd like, I think the term "regularly" would probably have to be taken with a pinch of salt at the moment, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to start going a bit more often soon.

3) Learn German.
Now this one I am very excited about. I have signed up to a beginners class, went to the first week, missed the second as I had to go up north and didn't make it back in time and last week was cancelled. So I've only actually been to one so far. However, I am driving back to Oxford this afternoon, going to class, then heading back to Devon again (yes, that's around 7hrs driving in order to make said class - dedication, I think you'll find!) and I'm hoping that I'll be able to say a bit more next time I go to Berlin!

4) Get to next pay bracket at work.
I've not really got anything to report on this one. I've been so busy recently that I haven't been able to have a proper chat with my boss regarding it. I think that I'm now doing everything I need to be in order to qualify for this. So fingers crossed!

5) Start playing the Clarinet again.
Not been doing so well on this one. *coughs*

6) Have a decent Birthday!
I did have a decent Birthday, thanks to all the lovely people who came out to witness me falling asleep on the table at around 11pm.

7) Read more. I don't read anywhere near enough these days.
I have been doing. Just finished the book I was reading, so not actually reading anything right now, but will be picking something up when I'm back home next week!

8) Try and keep room a bit tidier.
No comment.

9) Put some cash into savings.
This one would be so much easier if stuff didn't keep happening to force me to spend my excess cash! For example, I've spent around £200 on petrol alone this month....


pub_girl Profoundness offered 2009-08-07 12:23 (UTC) (Link)
Congrats on your progrss. For half-year, you're doing pretty good and you should be proud!
To help you with the next 6 months, and without making it sound like an appraisal, perhaps it would help to quantify things so the goal post doesn't keep moving and we can ensure they all have pretty ticks next to them come the end of the year.
Of course, all of your new year's resolutions, individually, are easily attainable, but to do them collectively is a bit more of a challenge.
I've had a think about your resolutions, and put some suggestions below. Please just take them as suggestions and comments - ultimately you know what you want to achieve and how best to go about achieving it.

Here's some suggestions on how you might rephrase your resolutions or make them more measurable:
1. Perhaps quantify this so 'Visit 2 foreign countries per year'?
2. Quantify to 'Go to gym/class once per week'. Next year you can increase this to twice per week, and so on.
3. Quanitify as 'Devote 3 hours to learning German each week' and schedule it in for specific days. It is better to spread your learning over the week rather than concentrated on one or two days, so see if you can schedule half hour or twenty minute intervals here and there.
4. Produce list of requirements to meet next pay grade, then write examples of how you have demonstrated your ability to do each one. Arrange meeting with manager (not just informal chat - this is about your career and should have a meeting in its own right. Send him your document and give him an idea of what you want to discuss, e.g. longterm career with T&F; forward planning for next 1 - 3 years. This way he will know how best to prepare for the meeting and will be able to consult other parties beforehand so he is fully informed and knows what he can offer you. He may elect to have someone from HR involved, or may wish to do that at a later point. Ensure at least a week before initiating the meeting and the meeting being held so he has enough time to prepare.
It may also help if you have a specific timeframe, rather than open-ended, which can allow things to slip. So, for instance, you could say you would like to work up to the next pay grade and have achieved that by December 2009. The purpose of the meeting is to look at areas where you think you are doing well and meet the requirements, and any areas where you/he thinks needs addressing before you can progress. Give as much evidence and external feedback in this document as possible. The more you think this through and document it, the more weight you will add to your argument.
5. Do you actually want to do this, or is it one of those things that you want to get back into the habit of doing sometime? Is it an objective that should really be for this year, or something you should put on your 'Sometime/Maybe' list and return back to when you have the enthusiasm and time to commit. Alternatively, if you do really want to do this this year but you're struggling to muster enthusiasm, perhaps you could buy yourself some tickets for some clarinet concerts - remind yourself of why you enjoy it in the first place. Again, quantify this with a number, so maybe 1 hour each Sunday to clarinet? Ultimately none of the above should feel like punishment. If it does, then you need to address the way you feel about these things and nurture that enthusiasm and excitement again.
7. Again, something to quantify - one book per month or two months? Set up a set date each month/two months to go to a bookshop and buy a book, and ensure you have completed your present assignment before going on to buy a new one.
8. Is there anything you can do to rearrange your room, make things more accessible, so it doesn't get untidy? Equally, maybe you could coincide cleaning day with book-buying day or some other fun event. A couple of hours in the morning tidying things up, rewarded by a book and some reading in a coffee shop. Sound good?
9. Why not just say you'll put £50 per month into savings. Come the end of the year, you'll have built up £600 and it's a bit more achievable when circumstances deal you a blow.

Hope the above is of some help. xxx
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