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Bless This Chick

It's the weekend and I'm very pleased.

Posted on 2009.10.16 at 22:10
Feeling...: tiredtired
Hello, it's the weekend. This week seems to have been really long for one reason or another and I'm delighted it's over. I'm wondering how sad it is that it's ten past ten on a Friday night and instead of being out partying it up, I'm sitting at home contemplating going to bed. Even more disturbing, I'm actually quite happy about this. Think I must be getting old. I'm poised to tuck into an Onken Biopot, which is causing far more joy than perhaps it should.

I don't really have anything to report, the last week has been all about the work. Work's been quite bitty, it seems like every email I've received has resulted in my having to do huge amounts of organising and sorting and asking people about things and asking people for things and chasing people about or for the things they haven't responded to me about. I did do some stuff on my own journal this evening, though, which was fairly productive and made me feel a bit better. :)

Other than that, um, I've watched telly, but that's quite dull. I've also done some room tidying/cleaning, but that's also dull. I had some further monitor issues, which resulted in me running around my room with cables without much of a clue of what to do with them. That was fun. Ish.

Went out for lunch with my team today to a local pub (you'll all no doubt be surprised to hear that I was very well behaved and just had an orange & lemonade) which was nice. I ordered a brie and mango baguette and was very distressed to find that they'd buttered it using mayonnaise. I really, really hate mayonnaise. And I couldn't really ignore it as both the brie and mango were fairly subtly flavoured and it was therefore all I could taste. Having been brought up not to waste food, I did eat it, but I did not enjoy and there may have been some whining to my poor unsuspecting colleagues. The whole thing was very upsetting and I found myself with no choice but to invest in a grande chai tea latte when I got back to the office. Very excited that we can now buy Starbucks on Milton Park, this has made me very happy.

Right, well that's possibly the most long winded and frankly boring post I've done in a long time, so sorry about that. I think I'm going to go back to plan a and go to bed. The Biopot was awesome, in case you were wondering.

Big hugs! xxx

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